I order from Cool Vape a few weeks ago and wanted to talk about my experience!

They were great. They make there own line of eliquid so I got some small bottles in a variety of flavours. Grape soda, cinnamon danish, raspberry, coconut macaroon and milk chocolate toffee. I have tasted grape soda, cinnamon danish swirl and raspberry so far.

Grape soda- taste like the name, I really enjoyed it sweet and reminds me of the drink!(one of my fav pops), but could have alittle more flavour overall yummy! Rating-8/10

 Cinnamon danish swirl- I was worried that it might be to strong in the cinnamon from the smell but it really wasn’t! It reminded me of a cinnamon bun. But no frosting, wish it was sweeter (but I like sweet vapes). After 3 days of vaping started to taste burnt and gross and no other liquid has ever done this to me yet after only 3 days so… I wasn’t a fan of that. Rating 3/10

Raspberry- had a fresh raspberry flavour and really was hoping for a candy sweet but it was like real raspberries, so if that’s your type of vape then yum, I like it and will keep vaping, but again I wish was sweeter, and a little stronger.     Rating 6/10

So if your interested in any of these        flavours or others check them out!      Cool Vape

Thanks Vapers! Vape Scarlet šŸ’Ø

I’ll update when I have had time to try more! 


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