Kangertech Dripbox 

Hey Vapers! 

So I am here to talk about the white Dripbox by Kangertech. This is my first week using the device and will do a follow up in about a month. 

This is a squonker mod. So it has a squeeze bottle under the subdrip to allow juice to be squeezed up to the coils and cotton so you don’t have to always drip them. This brand also offers you to bye premade coils already wicked with cotton which is cool if your not into building but want to flavour test or have a dropper. I don’t normally build but I do replace the cotton and would like to try rebuilding, this kit also comes with precut coils so you can rebuild and some replacement cotton. Also this has no setting just one button to press so easy to use for newbies want to step in to rda and dripping!

At first I had the hardest time getting the rda shell case off. I tried for 30mins then gave up and called a local vape shop to bring it to he had to use tools I didn’t have to loosen it off for me. I lubed it with juice and haven’t had a problem since! Not sure if I got a faulty one or people have had problems but kinda annoying for a new device you want to vape! I have had no problems with the botton sticking like I have heard about. Overall good device.


  • Intro to rda 
  • Prebuilt and wicked coils for new to building 
  • Sqanker for on the go 
  • Easy to use 
  • Comes with everything to start
  • Good flavour, could be better with better cotton i bet! 
  • Awesome clouds ☁️ 


  • Some setting would be nice to change watts
  • Gets hot after vaping for a little bit 
  • Hate the mouth piece (personal preference) 
  • Slightly cheaper cotton wish was better quality but you can purchase better quality yourself 

So I like this device I hate the mouth piece personally it the mouth piece feels cheap and to plastic for my liking. But over all the devices fits nice in my small hands and is super easy to use. I would like some control over watts but not super concerned. This device takes at 18650 battery so make sure to take care of the battery and remove when not using for long time and learn battery safety! 

Rating 7/10 I will keep vaping and using this device and maybe move up into more advance RDAs one day! 

Thanks Vapers  I have a discount code for Happy Vaper code: HV-PQPERD gets you 10%off your order! 


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