You got ejuice! 


So this is the first of 2 blog reviews about You Got Ejuice! I bought 4 flavours and want to break them down into this review about strawberry cheesecake and lemon cheesecake! A future review about vanilla latte and frosted donut! All in a 60mL bottle they came with child safety and you can remove that lid and put of a pointed nozzle tip which isn’t child proof so your choice there. 

So let start with my fav flavour I have tried is strawberry cheesecake! This flavour is so yummy. It’s sweet,fruity and creamy. You get all the notes of a strawberry cheesecake! You can tell what it is. You get the sweet strawberry on the inhale and the creamy cheesecake and gram cracker exhale. It’s been my daily vape for a couple weeks and have refilled a tank, you know I like this flavour and will repurchase in a bigger bottle! 

Lemon cheesecake flavour is good but I am honestly missing the lemon! I get creamy cheesecake cake and lots of gram cracker crust and it’s like a mild almost not there lemon. So kind of disappointed in that, I like the vape if I think of it as plain cheesecake but as lemon I am missing it. I’ll vape this flavour gone but won’t repurchase unless it’s improved.

Over all I am impressed with this line so far. 70vg/30pg blends. You Got Ejuice Has great prices click the link to shop! 

Rating by flavour 

Strawberry cheesecake 10/10 

Lemon cheesecake 4/10 (for lack of lemon still a go vape) 

Thanks for the read! I did purchase these myself.

Coupon code if you want to enjoy any of these juices! code: SCARLET10

-Vape Scarlet 💨


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