So I ordered from 416 Vapes I ordered the smallest bottles they offer to try out a few flavors. I have never order from them before this. They shipped fast and the order came quickly. They are a Canadian company which I try and support good local companies and makers or products as much as I can! 

So I ordered random flavors to see what they offer I’ll post a review on the ejuice in a few weeks still working my way tasting and testing them! But this awesome company sent me a couple free little ones to try! Which was awesome! So I have a couple so far that I am in love with 💨💜! 

So over all I am most definitely ordering again. Great quality and great customer service! 

Rating for the company is 10/10!!! 

Thanks Vapers for the read

-Vape Scarlet 💨

PS. If you read this during the Christmas/holiday season they have a contest on if you purchase and keep your bottle of elf sauce ejuice your entered to win $500!! So check them out for more details @ 416 Vapes 

***not sponsored 


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