Hi Vapies! 

So this is about the blue Nebox! Been out awhile I know, I’m behind, but I had to try it. I heard the leaking issues and also heard it’s a easy fix, so I thought might as well try it. So I bought it myself from for only 19.99! Great deal for an awesome device.

So yes it leaked, but the fix was so simple good it watch a video on it. Took no time to fix and it’s now one of my fav vapes! So I took a little extra O ring from the many extras I had in the bottom around the air hole opening it sits there and makes it leak proof! Something I am sure kanger could have done but didn’t. 

So normally only vape in wattage mode but also has temp control modes. So covers all grounds. The flavour is amazing! Best flavour I have had from any device I have used! 

The drip tip I will want to replace with a new one eventually does the trick just not my favourite, it’s a heavy for its size mod, feels like it will hold up in the long run. The screen is easy to read and can be flipped, the door for the battery and to change coil and ejuice is alittle annoying cause you need to use a coin to open it and the paint it’s already wearing. Doesn’t bug me to much but might annoy others! 

So I have very little negative about this. Yes it did Leak! Yes it was easy to fix! 

Rating 9/10 cause it leaked. 

Thanks-Vape Scarlet 💨❤️

This is my new Fav device been taking with me everyday! 


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