West Coast Vape ejuice!

Hey Vapers! 

So this is a review on a local shops ejuice I bought 3 flavours they retail for $17 each 30ML or 2 30ML for $30. I pickup Flavors: Lunch Money;fruit roll up flavour, Rocket Drops;sour candy flavour and Sugar Bomb;captain crunch and yougurt flavour.(All 70VG/30PG)

Lunch Money- you get a sweet original fruit roll up flavour, honestly not much to say it’s sweet yummy candy. 

Rocket Drops- you get sour hard candy. Like rockets in Canada (think called smarties in USA) but either way that slightly sour chalky little hard candies you are as a child in a vape! And you actually get the sour from it!

Sugar Bomb- is sweet and slightly creamy, I honestly can’t tell what cereal it was suppose to be (captain crunch) but I still like it. And have vaped it almost gone. I get sweet cereal flavour and some cream. Overall yummy! 

More flavours I want to try from this shop in town West Coast Vape. Also they do ship in Canada. So if you are local Canadian give them a try they are yummy and good quality. 

From the 3 I have tasted and vaped I would rate 8.5/10 cause some flavors got lost but over all great.👍

Thanks for the read -Vape Scarlet 💨💋
*all vaped at 0mg


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