So I ordered two devices from this US company, I purchased the blue Nebox and the purple Topbox Nano. 

I have a review up for the Nebox and one coming for the topbox nano!

The customer service was alright replied kinda slow at first but always answered my questions if I had any. Which is a plus cause some companies don’t get back to you ever! 

The shipping was alittle annoying but not this companies fault at all. Was average wait and was pagaged nice and not was damaged! 

I am actually looking to order a second Nebox from them cause I enjoy the device and they have awesome prices. Even with shipping and exchange. Being in Canada that’s a big one, I saved money the Nebox was on sale for $19.99 and the Topbox was on sale for $45.99. So with shipping tax and exchange my price ended up around $100 which is great the Nebox from Canadian sites see for about $75 for that alone no shipping and the Topbox I seen for around $85 so yes was really worth it! 

So I highly recommend for a inexpensive and good service check them out

8/10 will totally order again!!! 

Thanks and comment let me know what you like and what you may want to see! 

-Vape Scarlet 💨💨



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