About me!!!


I wanted to update people about me! 

I am a trained hairstylist and lash tech. I have done hair for 7years and lashes for 1year, I started hair around the age of 19. So this was my passion and job for a while I am 25 now. I have injuried myself so quitting hair and going back to school is what looks like will be happening!(plan on doing lashes from my home).

I started vaping cause of a job interview with a vape shop I got super interested and did research, (didn’t get the job)!!! I was a social smoker and I found it helps me with food cravings honestly one of the best things to make me think about my snacking or vaping when bored. 

I’ll be putting up a more personal blog later with a password on it. And may release the password on my twitter: Vape Scarlet if anyone is interested! 

As of now anymore questions leave a comment I’ll get back to them in a future blog! 


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