You Got Ejuice 2


So my last blog about You Got Ejuice I talked about 2 cheesecake flavours(one is my ADV and favorited vape flavor).This time I am talking about Vanilla Latte and Frosted Donut. I will have a part 3 coming since I did do another order! 

Vanilla Latte: I honestly didn’t like this flavor it taste like burnt coffee and a weird fake vanilla flavour. So I told them it tasted burnt to me they said that’s not right and sent me a second bottle I haven’t opened I am a little scared since the first attempt I really really didn’t like… but other people have said it’s so smooth and sweet so maybe in a bit I’ll try the bottle. And give it a second chance but as of now that’s my first impression. 

Rating 0/10

Frosted Donut: This flavor confused me it tastes like a plain spice donut(like a plain timbit the ones I give to my dog). I got zero frosting or glaze. It does taste like a donut and I don’t think I enjoy it that much alone… I did mix it with strawberry cheesecake from You Got Ejuice and was more sweetness and I liked it much better . I also ordered caramel custard from You Got Ejuice and thinking that mix would get great. But as a stand alone it’s alittle plain really want frosting! 

Rating 4/10 cause I can make it work as a vape.

For reference I like strong sweet sugary vapes. I like fruits and baked goods but I think I am picky when it comes to flavors I would ADV. 

current ADV is You Got Ejuice Strawberry cheesecake have a blog about this already up! And I have a discount code for them to get 10% off SCARLET10 

I promise to give my honest opinion 

Thanks Vape Scarlet 💨❤


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