Mi-one first impression 

Hey so this will be alittle different for me I normally vape a device for atleast 2weeks then review. So this time I am going to do a first impression. Just got this device a day ago. Then I’ll come back around a month later tell you if I am still vaping it, how long the coil lasts and all that and give a full review! Hope you enjoy this change in review style! 

The Mi-One is a tiny little device, super stealth vape! They come in so many colours. I picked out the purple shell. I could see myself wanting more to put different ejuice in and to have the other colours they are super cute and convenient.  I am liking the tiny size and the flavour is actually really good! The coils are the same as the joyetech AIO box I have review earlier! So that’s a plus to me. Some specs: 

  • Voltage output 3.0 to 4.2
  • Built in battery 1100mAh 
  • Atomizer resistance range 0.3 to 2.5ohm
  • Power display around fire button: Green,Yellow and Red.
  • 3.5ml ejuice capacity 

The package comes with 2 coils, charge cord (good quality) and a wrist lanyard they send different coloured charge cords and lanyards with each device. I received a purple charge cord and a dark red lanyard. This starter kits price is $39.99 plus tax and shipping.

I will update in about a month! 

Link to buy your own Mi-One 
Ejuice I love You Got Ejuice code SCARLET10 for $$off 

Thanks Vape Scarlet ❤️💨


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