You Got Ejuice part 3

Hey Vapers! 

So this is part 3 of the You Got Ejuice reviews I promised! I am reviewing fruity cereal and sugar cookie! 

Fruity cereal: I love this flavour I am a big fan of cereal vapes! So this flavour is yummy reminds me of fruit loops.. very lemony flavour and had a yummy dry crunchy cereal taste. I don’t get milk that’s why I said dry taste. So it’s like eating them right from the box!  9/10 a def ADV 

Sugar cookie: I at first didn’t like this flavour, so I let it steep for a bit retried it. And the second time I was a fan, I got the crumbly cookie taste and a mild sweetness. And at first it had a strange taste so advice always leave it for a couple weeks if you have time! The yummy sugar cookie taste comes out and won me over! 7/10 

Love these juices and you want to try them use me code SCARLET10 for 10%off!!!! 

Thanks Vape Scarlet 💜💨💨


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