5150 Ejuice 


Yes it’s been awhile I am finally back and feeling good again! So today I’ll talk about 5150 Ejuice and I have tried 4 flavours! 

Str8 Jacket- holy yummy! Butterscotch deliciousness! I really enjoyed this one! Nice and sweet and little creamy from the custard and I could vape this everyday! Super smooth no throat hit. 10/10

Cinncanity- I have mixed feelings about this, I like the flavour yes! It’s a mild mild cinnamon dry cereal taste. I normally want a little more sweetness, but the throat hit was smooth and the cinnamon didn’t bug my throat at all. 7/10

I have two other flavours I need to taste more but I’ll do a round 2 next week! Cause I am almost ready to give my option! 

Remember I like strong sweet flavours! These are my options and was not paid to say this and bought them with my own money! 😊💨

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Keep vaping -Vape Scarlet 🌬💨


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