Have ejuice reviews coming

So I have a couple different bands of ejuice coming. One was sent to me, which was Kind Juice a natural and organic ejuice line.  Also have 5150 eliquid coming in the mail.  And just received another order of You Got Ejuice to try more flavours so part 4 and 5 are coming! Code SCARLET10 for 10%off!!  If I received the […]

You Got Ejuice part 3

Hey Vapers!  So this is part 3 of the You Got Ejuice reviews I promised! I am reviewing fruity cereal and sugar cookie!  Fruity cereal: I love this flavour I am a big fan of cereal vapes! So this flavour is yummy reminds me of fruit loops.. very lemony flavour and had a yummy dry crunchy cereal […]

Mi-one first impressionĀ 

Hey so this will be alittle different for me I normally vape a device for atleast 2weeks then review. So this time I am going to do a first impression. Just got this device a day ago. Then I’ll come back around a month later tell you if I am still vaping it, how long […]

Second update

I have been bed ridden for a couple weeks and have a couple more to go atleast been using crutches and hope to get a walking boot on soon! But I made a order for a Mi one AIO vape device so it should be here any day now. I am excited to get the […]

Update šŸ¤•

Hey So I’ll be taking a small break from posting.. I had a nasty fall and dislocated my ankle and twisted my knee. Have more scans for my ankle to make sure nothing is torn. But the pain I am feeling from it is horrible, so because of this I will be focusing on getting […]

Kanger Topbox!Ā 

Hey So I have had the Kanger Topbox for a few weeks and have been using it a lot!  I like this device I ordered the purple Topbox and it works great light weight easy to take on the go. The battery cover is alittle wiggly and loss. Wish that was tighter but I can […]